About EFTA

In this section you can find information on the European Free Trade Association  (EFTA), EFTA's history, current and previous Secretary-Generals, background information on the Association, Member States, budget, resources for the press, current job opportunities and EFTA staff.

In This Section

The European Free Trade Association

The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) is an intergovernmental organisation set up for the promotion of free trade and economic integration to the benefit of its four Member States.


Information on EFTA's Secretaries-General and their background.

The EFTA States

Information about the EFTA Member States: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, and links to their Permanent Delegations in Geneva and Missions in Brussels.


An overview of which country holds the chairmanship - past, present and future - as well as the historic priorities of the Council Chair and the work programme of the Standing Committee.

EFTA Council

The EFTA Council is the highest governing body of EFTA. Member States usually meet once a month, at ambassadorial level, and twice a year at ministerial level.

Managing the EFTA Secretariat

Information about the day-to-day management of the Secretariat, our organisational chart and annual budget.

EFTA Staff Directory

An overview of EFTA staff members, listed by division and with contact details.

EFTA through the years

A chronological table, showing main events in the history of EFTA from 1960 until today.

EFTA Budget

Here you will find EFTA's Annual Budget for 2016 (budget posts and contributions of each EFTA State) and a link to the EFTA Board of Auditors.

Job opportunities

The listing of current vacancies in the EFTA Secretariat can be found on the EFTA Recruitment site.

Press Room

In EFTA's press room you can find useful resources for the press, print and publications.

Visit the EFTA Secretariat

Information for groups planning a visit to the Secretariat to learn more about EFTA and its management of the EEA Agreement and free trade relations.

Secretary-General's Office
Geneva and Brussels

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