Joint Declarations on Cooperation

In addition to Free Trade Agreements the EFTA States have concluded Joint Declarations on Cooperation with a number of partners.

These Joint Declarations on Cooperation:

  • Can be a first step towards free trade relations with the partners concerned.
  • Address cooperation on trade-related issues such as information on foreign trade, customs and origin matters, technical barriers to trade, intellectual property rights, trade in services, public procurement markets and competition.
  • Aim to improve conditions for the implementation of private sector cooperation.
  • Provide for a joint committee allowing the parties to review their cooperation, discuss any other issue of mutual interest and formulate appropriate recommendations.

EFTA has Joint Declarations on Cooperation with the following partners:

Furthermore, EFTA concluded Joint Declarations on Cooperation with the following partners prior to starting free trade negotiations on or concluding a Free Trade Agreement:

Albania, Algeria, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Georgia, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Serbia, Tunisia, and Ukraine.